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Turn Your Expenses into Profits

Owning private jets undoubtedly brings convenience, but it also comes with significant expenses. However, instead of solely bearing the financial burden, why not explore the opportunity to generate revenue from your assets? Our experienced team of aviation experts can guide you through this process, helping you leverage your private fleet to earn income without sacrificing mobility or freedom.

What is an AOC?

An Air Operator Certificate (AOC) is a license that authorizes private jet owners to operate their jets commercially. An AOC is governed by the civil aviation authority of each country, and in accordance with a standard practice of all EU member countries to bring all civil aviation standards to the same level. Getting an AOC from a member EU state is in force all over the EU.

Benefit from the AOC license 

Operation in the EU and the member countries with the EU agreements 

VEA will not revenue share with you, all revenue goes to you

Competitive pricing with a fixed monthly fee knowing the real cost ahead of time 

Benefit from enhanced safety and maintenance rules 

Lease your private jet to make a profit from your asset

Utilize your private jet for cargo and or passenger flights under civil aviation international rules


Fast turnaround time from your decision to operate commercially to implementation based on your provided documentation of your MSN 

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